EFT helps you break free of negative emotions and limiting beliefs, set and accomplish your positive life goals, heal relationship upsets and hurts, achieve a more joyful, satisfying and fulfilled life, and live the empowered life you deserve.

· An innovative form of emotional acupressure using the ancient Chinese meridian system

· A tapping procedure that stimulates meridian endpoints

· A technique used to address specific emotional challenges and experiences

· An effective holistic process

· You want to let go of painful events, relationship upsets, trauma or fear

· You are settling for a life filled with emotional baggage

· You are struggling with chronic pain, anxiety, depression or panic

· You live with compulsions or addictions

Hello! I’m Mia Simmons, a Certified, Advanced, Level 3 Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner. I invite you to visit my About EFT page to learn more about the process, or About Mia to learn more about me. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a session, either in person or on the telephone, click here to send me an email or call 805.528.7586. I look forward to us working together.

- Mia Simmons

Certified EFT Practitioner